February 27, 2021

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About Us

Business Leaders

Business Leaders is our name (the website). Our URL is Lead-Biz.com.

Who we are

Business Leaders is a Cameroon based platform with a bright slogan to establish and elevate “10,000 Entrepreneurs in 10 years”.

We (the company) have five founders, who reasoned together to enlighten the paths of entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

Our vision states clearly from our slogan to establish “10,000 Entrepreneurs in 10 years”.

We believe in the rise of businesses. We believe in you an entrepreneur in struggle with a realistic project. Thus, giving lifts to these urges to establish or elevate realistic business plans is our purpose.

How we work

We as a company sees the light in customer satisfaction. This in terms that, we ensure that every business project presented to our company for realisation meets its expected results.

We (the company) take(s) care of all business expenses till its realisation. After analysing your project, we come out with a list of well accounted expenditures to be spent. Be rest assured you don’t need to spend a dime, but for the company to do that, you must pay a membership fee and as well abide to our terms and conditions.

Please review our terms and conditions for more references.

Why choose us

There are not many businesses with a good sponsorship these days. A lot of people have a great ambition to get themselves to the top and we the company see the light and reasons to elevate and established projects. Becoming a Business Leaders member gives you the advantage of a less expenditure.

Members of Business Leaders our covered by our free services and mentorship.

We give you business consultancy to maximize your business revenue.

Business Leaders Team

Your success is what keeps us going.

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