The Maritime Environment, Activities And Logistics.

When we talk about maritime it concerns all areas having a water body. It may be a river, stream, spring, seas or oceans and lakes. These areas are the marine  environment and the activities carried out there are in their numbers.A lot of people visit the Maritime environment for different reasons and this results to the different activities present within this environment.

  • Coastal management activities:

What is a coast? A coast is simply the interface between water and land. That is to say, that part of the earth surface where ocean and land meets is called a coast. It is coupled with numerous activities.
Fishing; A lot of beaches and coastal areas practice fishing either for commercial purposes or for personal consumption.Land reclamation; Thus is the act of reclaiming land from the sea. That is, extending the land surface area towards the sea such as The Arab Palm in th West of Asia.Construction of beaches; A beach can be termed as the banks of the coast, that cleared area of the coast full of sand. This area is usually used for swimming activities and leisure grounds.Construction of ports; This is a platform that permits the conveyance of goods and services from different localities with transport facilities to serves international trade. This therefore a vast area which permits importation and exportation across countries through seas/oceans.Defense Activities; The coast is one of the main interface of the nation. It has territorial boundaries guarded by the military. One if the ways terrorists enter countries is through the coast, and thus military forces in the Maritime security field roam to safeguard the coast.

  • Waste Management Activities:

    Most companies like to locate around the sea or rivers so that they would have facilities of dumping or managing waste products. Waste Management is simply the way you handle your waste products. The sea has become the dumping ground of companies nowadays and organizations like MARPOL, OSLO and the Paris Convention are trying to eradicate such activities. Also waste products like sewage and nuclear waste are also dumped into the seas especially in less development countries.

  • Extraction of living resources:

Here, we go into detailed fishing types or activities.Demessal Fishing; This is the extraction of a particular kind of fish with different or various equipment or gear such as Trawlers.Recreational fishing; Fishing for pleasure. Individually or a group of people.Extraction of sea weeds; Usually sea weeds are used for medicinal purposes and also used for decorative purposes.

  • Production of living resources.

Usually this is done in a protected zone Iran enclosed environment.Production of fish, like the fish farms .Nursing/ rearing of fish in fish ponds.Production of shell fish. Like craps and snails.

  • Extraction of non-living resources:

The sea is endowed with a lot of minerals that needs to be extracted through the following ways;Salinization. This is the extractionof of salt from rocks, seas and plants.Dredging. This includes the removal of sand, alluvial or mud deposits along the sea bed of river channel to ease navigation. Navigational dredging is done using dredging boats.Desalination; This deals with the removal of salt from water to drink.Quarrying.

  • Energy Generation:

Most of the world’s energy sources are from seas and other marine environment. They have a great capacity to generate energy through;H.E.P. (Hydro Electricity Power)Wind Energy Farms. The coastal areas are usually characterized with windy moments leading to the presence of wind farms.Tidal Energy. The generation of energy by tides.

  • Transportation:

    Commonly what most people know happening by the coast. Transportation is the movement of goods and/or persons from one place to another.

  • Recreational and leisure.

    A lot of festivals happen to take place by the coast and coupled with lots of gaming activities like swimming, water polo, surfing, beach football, volley ball, canoe races, motorcycle competitions and so many more.

  • Marine Research;

Marine Research is simply analysis done within the Maritime zone. That is, it deals with researching about everything concerning the Maritime ecosystem, environment and providing relevant information. This is known as Oceanography.These are the general activities practiced within the maritime environments.Thank you all for reading till the end, will love you give feedback about this information. Thanks again.

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