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LEADERSHIP is the capacity to influence people through inspiration and not manipulation. Inspiration is the way you do things your way including your positive character that is being one with your word. Manipulating here is making someone feel indebted to you so you take advantage at all times and also making one feel less of his or herself.

Leadership begins with self, anyone who can successfully lead self can lead anybody this is because leading self is very challenging. This is very challenging because one cannot see self and the mistakes we make.


Lead self through accountability and setting of boundaries that is set restrictive boundaries to avoid uncalled mistakes so that we can be able to excel in our vision and mission. These boundaries protect us from negative external influence and environmental hazard.

To be fully accountable we need accountability partner someone who will correct us when wrong with no fear of status and listen to us always it could family members, mentors, friends etc. so give permission


Understand your personality, weaknesses and strength. Leadership as a 50_50 rule, this means that a leader spends 50 percent of his time on self growth and improvements , this is because he never wants to be caught UNFRESH and the rest on the people around him. To effectively lead you need to see leadership as a compass so that you understand everyone all intention and needs for example:

  • To influence those at the top is to understand what they need, humility, respect, know the goals and understand their expectations.

  • To influence those at the same level with is through collaboration, living to their expectations and making them a better version of themselves.

  • To influence to those below you all to do is make them understand their purpose in life and guide them through without making them feel inferior.

LEADERS ARE NOT THOSE AT THE TOP as most people are made to understand and believe. Everyone is born with a special leadership skills and design just know yours and let your glory shine.



  • FACE CHALLENGES: A great is brave yet prudent that is you should face every challenge that come your way without losing your self esteem and answer for the consequences of your decision.
  • BE HONEST: You are responsible for maintaining a calm environment among your cowokers and community member, present every situation to them without hiding anything that is disclosing all material facts about the situation.
  • WIN TRUST: team members will become engaged and loyal once they feel they are around someone they can trust, wining trust could be getting involve in employees everyday problems to solve it fairly, devote time to explain their task to them and get to know them out of office.
  • PURSUE YOUR PASSION: You will never be a good leader if you serving out your passion therefore take out time and understand your field of interest and you will perfectively excel in it.
  • STAY CURIOUS: Curiosity is one of the main traits of a good leader it helps you stay passionate and committed in learning something new and interesting.
  • BE FEARLESS: When you fear you fail, the spirit of fear is welcomed by failures for winners never quit in life nor matter the circumstances and challenges they take it up with no hesitation.

Sales and its success. Leadership


Good judgement comes from experience

Experience comes from bad judgement.

  • No sales no business
  • Personal sales is more encouraging
  • Why do people buy ( people do not buy product the buy benefits)
  • Concentrate to the need of the customer and not their money
  • Always uncover the key benefits and key cause
  • Be very fast and smart
  • Take advantage of a weak bargaining.
  • Always overcome your fear of rejection before entering the market.


How to lead, Leadership 

Leading people has nothing to do with managing them .Too many managers today try to manage their workers forgetting to lead them effectively (doing the right thing ) .IF you want to become a strong leader do so by example. This means you have to show your team that you are perfectly capable by so doing you will earn their respect, trust and positive vibe at the work place.

  • LISTEN: Truly listening to your team members is one the greatest leadership skills. Good listeners come across as genuinely interest and concern to find out what is going on, all great leaders have communication skills and they also create an environment where problems and solutions are freely discussed.
  • BE CONSTRUCTIVE: Negativity breeds negativity. How you communicate has an effect on your team as a whole and as an individual. Criticisms will always need to be made by leaders but always try to make them constructive and deliver them with no emotional attachment.
  • ASK TO BE JUDGED: Finding out what others think of your leadership skills can easily help you change for the better. Sometimes leaders can be so wrapped up in appraising others that they do not seek an appraisal from below but only from their superiors forgetting that your team is the best source of feedback.
  • TRUST THE INTELLIGENCE OF YOUR TEAM: Your team should be allowed to take actions and make decisions. Trust is a very vital component of leadership skills if you cannot trust people to do their jobs then you have the wrong people or you are leading and managing them properly. Allow them explore their inner ability and talent.
  • DONOT ABUSE POWER: If people ask why certain things are done the way they do never pull a rank in response. Your team should never feel empowered by you, take out time to explain the rationality of every decision made in order to make them aware though they may not agree.
  • STOP BEING AN EXPERT IN EVERYTHING: Leaders often achieve their position by being proficient in certain areas and thus will have an opinion on how to fix a problem. They believe is better to tell someone what to do or even to do it themselves in order to avoid pre imagined problems than to give the opportunity to their team to develop solutions there by excising creativity.
  • DONOT BE DISTANT: Without revealing their innermost secrets it is possible for leaders to show a more human side. If mutual respect exists this should be vulnerable rather than a sign that you are a sensitive human being. Only when your team members gets to know the real you will the true foundations of leadership be properly established.
  • HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOUR: People work better when they are enjoying themselves, the work itself may be dull but the environment has to be different. Stifling fun also means creativity team members love it when the leader join in having fun this does not have to create a flippant atmosphere on the contrary is a team building strategy.

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