Pregnancy Problem Obstetrical Complications

Ectopic Pregnancy.


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Pregnancy Problem Obstetrical Complications. When the eggs develops, not in its habitual place within the uterus, but somewhere else, either outside or within, we call it an ectopic pregnancy.

When the ectopic pregnancy occurs outside the uterus, it is called extrauterine pregnancy.

Pregnancy Problem Obstetrical Complications. Ectopic Pregnancy occurs in one of every 200-300 pregnancies. The egg tends to settle in the fallopian tube, especially in the area called the tubal ampoule.

Causes and Symptoms

Among the factors which lead to ectopic pregnancy is a larger zygotic volume, tubal obstructions, less movement of the tube, along with another problems such as tumors or previous surgical treatments.

During the first stages of pregnancy, an ectopic one is difficult to determine, however since there are no special symptoms.

Later, since the structure in which the egg has implanted itself is unable to sustain the pregnancy, the first symptoms occur.

The patient tends to visit the doctor because of damages in her menstrual cycle: sometimes it comes early, sometimes late; sometimes there is an alteration in the amount of discharge or length of time which the period lasts. There may also be a history of amenorrhea.

The blood that comes out is bright red, and it usually comes in small amounts intermittently.

Another symptom is laterally localized pains.

Sometimes, the woman notices discomfort in the bladder and rectum.

Breaking the Tube.

Sometimes a tubal pregnancy breaks the tube.

Then the egg can leave the tube and enter the abdomen along with blood.

Pain increases and other general symptoms occur (pain, paleness, hypo-tension, feeling of serious illness), which helps to guide the doctors to the proper form of treatment.


The solution is always surgical. The patient should undergo tests.

In this case of shock or acute anemia, blood transfusions will be necessary.

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