Short Outstanding Poems ever 2020

Short Outstanding Poems ever 2020.

Smile to me pretty breeze

You get me mildly touched by your flow

Green as the grass reflects the nature of your beauty

As the spring of water sprouts so as your love for me sprouts.

Be Generous Darling


2. Cough it out beautifully,

As a sparkle you illuminate my nature,

Flash to me the breezy root of your joy

My beautiful amethyst,

I desire you more than diamonds.


3. Hey bright Crystal,

Blue Skies are above the earth,

But my love for you is beyond the skies.

Let your fascinating smell slowly and gently enter into my breathe,

I love you.


4. As magnificent as the beautiful taste of a milky cream,

The gentle flow of your taste makes the clouds go higher.

The luminous nature of the universe,

and the twinkling behavior of the stars

Reflect the diamond beauty of your love.

You are all beautiful.

Short Outstanding Poems ever 2020

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